David Housman


Since 2005, David Housman has worked in the San Francisco Bay Area as a Web AnalystUser Experience Researcher, and Product Manager. By day, David Housman is a mild mannered software professional. By night he fights crime in the San Francisco Bay Area as the superhero House Man. (with the cape, spandex, and everything).


During his undergraduate study at Carnegie Mellon University, David majored in Business Administration, and took classes in programming and interface development. Ultimately picking up C++, Java, Flash, Visual Basic, SQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. David graduated from CMU in 2005.

Professionally, David rarely gets to code, but his technical background is handy as a Product Manager working with engineers. Technical knowledge also enables me to estimate costs for different tasks. Intuition derived from his user experience background enables him to quickly assess assess impact. The ability to incorporate quick and dirty cost and value estimates into product decisions is invaluable.

David’s Master of Software Management from Carnegie Mellon University focused on Product Development and Agile methodologies. The discipline incorporates elements of strategy, technology, management, and marketing. David received his Master’s in Software Management in 2014.


One of David’s favorite areas of curiosity is conducting cross platform research, especially between survey intercepts and web analytics platforms. David also enjoys problem solving and learning new things.

David likes to write and share his passion for the written word. He is the Social Marketing Manager for Poetry Friday, growing membership from 0 to 1600+. He’s also an active volunteer with causes that he cares about, which include Carnegie Mellon, The Sierra Club, and Mt. Diablo Trail Crew.

Personal Life


David likes to build things for fun. He spends his free time hiking, climbing, hitch hiking, biking, poking things with sticks, back country skiing, makin’ bacon, disbursed camping, curing the sick, bringing justice to the wicked, sippin on gin and juice, and getting into trouble. David is an expert at getting lost in the Eastern side of Mt. Diablo State Park in the San Francisco East Bay.