David Housman

Change the World


There are still some wild places left. There are still things that haven’t been done. I love spending time in the backcountry, usually alone to withdraw from people and enjoy the quiet. I especially enjoy walking off trail and picking through the brush and grasses; finding my own way through the wilderness.

Somewhere there exists a patch of dirt that has escaped human footprint.

Those places are not easy to find, and they’re not easy to reach, but they do exist. I seek out the rough bits that are overwhelmed with ivy, far from the nearest trail marker or friendly face. When I arrive, I beam at the thought of being the first in that place.

Most of us will never be Olympians. Our personal bests will not be captured with measuring tape or stopwatch. We still have the ability to do something that no one else can. You will not succeed if you give anything less than 100%. Give something only you can give. This is what it means to change the world.

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