David Housman

Light That MVP up Like a Christmas Tree


I like my data fast, cheap, and easy to use. Feedback should be the cherry, chocolate syrup, and spoon for your MVP sundae. When you’re setting up your data collection, consider:

  • Use tools that are easy to set up and maintain.
  • Start small and grow with your product.

Validation Interviews

In validation interviews we tap flesh and blood users for feedback on your idea.

  1. First, find people in your target audience with extra time on their hands.
  2. Say ‘Do you have a few minutes to tell me what you think about my <app>?”
  3. Describe what the app does.
  4. Walk the user through a storyboard or flowchart.
  5. State the goal, and walk them through the app, step by step.

When you’re done ask

  • “What do you think?”
  • Would you buy this? How much would you pay for it?
  • “How should it need to be changed to make it helpful to you?”
  • Questions about assumptions behind the app.

Advantages: This is the cheapest way to get feedback fast. No support, prep, or infrastructure required. Can be adjusted on the fly.

Limitation: Does not scale.


Use a simple mailto link like this one to populate an email. Use mailto parameters (http://yoast.com/guide-mailto-links/) and customize your links to hold contextual information like Page Name or session data.

<a href=”mailto:david@davidhousman.com?subject=Blog %20Feedback&body=Please%20share%20your%20feedback%3A%0A%0AWhat%20would%20you%20like%20to%20read%20about%3F%0A%0AWhat%20do%20you%20like%20on%20this%20Blog%3F%0A%0AHow%20can%20it%20be%20improved%3F%0A%0A%0A%0A%0AArticle%3A%20Light%20That%20MVP%20Up%20Like%20a%20Christmas%20Tree”>Try this example</a>

Advantages: This can be generated without a fancy reporting infrastructure.

Limitations: You’re not going to get much feedback with few users. Also you need to modify the UI.

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