David Housman

Take it to the Next Level with Customer Feedback


Let’s say you’ve got your SiteCatalyst data collection in place. You’ve got your KPIs all set up, your interface customized, and you’ve got fabulous dashboards distributed to your stakeholders every 30 seconds. Then what? I can’t remember how many times I’ve heard the phrase “I want to take our Analytics to the next level.” Well look no further:

Customer Sentiment combined with Web Analytics is the next level.

Qualtrics Intercept is the combination of an awesome survey tool with an “intercept”- the ability to deploy that survey on your site to collect data. Foresee does this, and so does Opinion Lab. But neither does it with Qualtrics’ control over when the intercept shows up or what the survey contains.

The user experience cannot be fully understood through behavior alone. Behavior is the tip of the iceberg.

  • Pathing doesn’t always tell the whole story. A survey is an excellent way to find critical points in the user’s experience. As an example, consider an analysis on SiteCatalyst data to explore the visits of people that said “I will never visit your site again”.
  • How do visitors feel about their experience? Perhaps your visitors were unhappy with product selection or took too long to find what they wanted. SiteCatalyst alone does not give you enough information to know what went wrong.
  • Design is difficult in a vacuum. Qualtrics can pop up a survey to get information about whether the page is well organized, visually appealing, or whether the colors scheme is pleasant. SiteCatalyst can’t tell me if the user thinks the design is “complicated”.
  • Intent, Intent, Intent. People who come to your website to buy are different from those that come to your website looking for support. I used to use search keywords to guess at why the user visited our site. Things are different with an intercept survey.

Qualtrics and Omniture are like peas and carrots. Together they deliver much greater value than either component alone. Customer Sentiment is a KPI. It should be measured, trended, and reported just as closely as one would trend conversion.

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