David Housman

Four Habits of Highly Effective Web Analysts


These are some factors that I consider to be indicators of a mature analyst.

Collaboration The analyst knows when and how to get engineering involved. At times we give greater direction. Other times we invite collaboration and co-design. The analyst is able to connect with stakeholders and communicate effectively.
Priorities & Support The analyst understands the objectives of his program, his team, his company, Product, & etc. The analyst is an advocate for his stakeholders. The analyst can recognize scenarios where he should seek support from his team or manager.
Self-Reliance & Ownership Analysts have to be responsible for tapping other resources and learning from resources with more expertise in their fields than we do.The analyst takes responsibility for his self-betterment. The analyst recognizes the value of feedback and actively seeks it. The analyst embraces process.
Systematic If a problem comes up repeatedly, a successful web analyst will identify that problem and come up with a solution to solve it.

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