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Web Analytics Outside the Box


Any decent Web Analyst can tell you that an analytics program is composed of three pillars: people, process and tools. The baseline is that web analysts should be competent with a tool. Process should be there to coordinate the resources involved in analytics development and reporting. It enables a web analyst to stay organized and to prioritize incoming requests. Tools are essentially an extension of our own limitations. They’re useless without the right person in the driver’s seat.

I can’t emphasize enough that creativity is one of the most valuable traits for the Web Analysts. Omniture, WebTrends, and Google analytics have similar capabilities, but different limitations. Good analytics is when you find the data just waiting for you in an existing report or bookmark. Great analytics happens when you 1st: understand the question at a fundamental level, and 2nd: when prefabricated information isn’t available, you design data collection or find an alternate method of answering that question.  When you run into one of these limitations, creativity is right up there with knowledge of tools to help you find the right approach to interpreting information and delivering knowledge about a subject.

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